I’m nearing completion of book 2, Caliban’s War, in the Expanse series. Initial thoughts include that while I generally think that sequels are not better than their predecessors, this one makes a worthwhile effort. Caliban’s War is more action-focussed than Leviathan Wakes, while at the same time introducing a general insight into the political system and intrigues that have caused many of the events in book 1 to occur. This book starts strong, with a monster of unknown origin massacring an outpost in space. The repercussions on the settlement itself are particularly well-done from the perspective of a single father looking for his daughter. Some of the themes from book 1 seem to repeat itself, with what was formerly Miller looking for a girl being replaced by someone else on a similar mission. And yes, the one-perspective-per-chapter structure, similar to Game of Thrones, is still used in this book, but I found it to be quite fluid.

Btw. The trailer for the upcoming Expanse TV-show can be found here. I don’t have any thoughts on it, except that the characters seem younger than I imagined them from the book. Apart from Lord of the Rings, this will be the first TV-show that I will have watched after reading the books.