While currently I am in the process of making a tasty coffee via the well-established and highly effective (if not very fast) “drip method,” I cannot recommend the Aeropress enough. At my last work, we had an old Italian coffee machine that may have cost 15,000 euro new (one of those bar-mounted full-service devices you see at Starbucks). The makers of that machine will be shocked that I can reproduce coffee as well-tasting in something that costs about 0.2% of those machines: a good 30 euro, including filters.

The Aeropress can best be described as syringe that you fill up with coffee powder and water and use to press out freshly brewed coffee. However, if you know what a French Press is, the Aeropress is basically a more modern version of that, faster and easier to clean.

There are several reasons to use an Aeropress:

  • Compact: you could transport that thing in your jacket pocket and make your own coffee at work.
  • Fast: you’ll have a well-tasting espresso in under 2 minutes.
  • Tasty: comparable taste to the big machines.
  • Cheap: 30 euro, price of coffee not included.
  • Creative: I use the inverted brewing method, however just check out the countless information on the web about the different ways to make coffee with this one.