It’s perhaps necessary to explain why Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of my favorite people, on par with some of the great leaders of the world. Sure, he’s a republican, but any sensible rich person would be 1, and sure, as the Governator he didn’t do so great, but I don’t know many politicians that are doing great in this age of global crises. To me, he is someone that knew how to execute his career on a strong vision, from winning championships to making movies, whilst keeping his roots and his head present. I didn’t know that in the midst of building his bodybuilding career, he had a successful real estate business, nor was I aware that he worked in construction, both of which he discussed in the interview with Tim Ferris.

What I was aware of was his public persona, the way he conducted himself in Pumping Iron—with purpose, confidence, and the ability to judge and undermine his strongest competitors. And of course his movie career, which contains some of my favorite movies (Terminator being a big one).

In this interview he is surprisingly open about his career: on competing, having vision, playing it safe with investments, following a passion (after-school-programs), keeping investment & acting separate, etc. The most surprising to me was how strong he is still connected to his roots, something that is easily forgotten when you think about what he’s achieved since. I’m pretty sure that this is one of those interviews that I’ll come back to, because it just makes you laugh and gives you energy for the rest of your day.

Well worth a listen!


  1. This is a joke! Only in countries like America and the UK are people to choose left or right, and I think there is plenty of room in the center.