I’m a great fan of everything coming out of the JJ Abrams camp (Alias, Fringe, Star Wars, yes even Felicity), and Person of Interest happens to be his most current show. It’s a very reality driven story about how we are all increasingly being watched and perhaps controlled by forces in the shadows (politics, policing, and “positronic” AI… the three POs). The show was first about saving people, but has now in Season 4 become about a battle that our protagonist team has basically lost, forcing them to employ guerrilla strategies to fight against all odds. The result is, I find, so sad and so moving, because we see  pure evil trying to destroy people that appear increasingly good.

Unlike Game of Thrones, which I find self-torturous in wanting to watch episode after episode, I watch Person of Interest with a detached fascination for what the writers are intending to move this show to. I seem to remember that Fringe had a period like that also, but somehow they turned it around. I have enough faith in the Bad Robot people to do the same.